What are the spiritual benefits of practicing Christian style yoga?

The spiritual benefits of practicing Christian Style Yoga are unique to each person. Your yoga practice, centered on Christ, can be your worship in action, your faith and prayers in motion. Commonly students experience the ability to come to that place where the mind becomes quieter and present, where they can draw closer to God and enjoy His love, peace, comfort and direction for them. Many people feel they are more relaxed, calmer and more peaceful individuals as a result of practicing Christian style yoga.  

What are the physical benefits of practicing Christian style yoga?

There are many potential physical benefits including maintaining and improving overall flexibility, range of motion of the joints, balance, energy, strength and muscle tone. Other benefits can include weight loss, improved metabolism, and an improved ability to manage day to day stressors. A regular yoga practice has been shown to improve health conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, asthma, and arthritis. A regular yoga practice can also enhance your ability and enjoyment of other pursuits that require physical fitness such as walking, hiking, cycling, running, golf and gardening. The physical practice of yoga can help to work out tight and sore muscles resulting in improved athletic performance and injury prevention.