Christian Style Yoga is for EVERY BODY!
If you are looking for an opportunity to improve your health and well-being while enjoying God’s peace and presence than I invite you to class! Whether you are a brand-new beginner, have physical limitations or health conditions, are more experienced, active or not active, yoga is for EVERY BODY. I offer a variety of classes including Gentle Journey Yoga level 1 and 2, Faithful Flow Yoga and Chair Yoga and I would love to have you join in!


Sandy has had a lifelong passion for fitness, sports and well-being and is retired from the health care sector. Facing health challenges of her own, Sandy began attending yoga classes at the Orillia YMCA and was inspired and encouraged by several yoga teachers including Ida Herbert who started practicing yoga in her 50’s and at age 95 was still healthy and teaching at the Y and at her retirement community gym. After completing the YMCA’s yoga teacher training program in 2009, Sandy began to volunteer teach one class per week and continues to volunteer at the YMCA where she shares her passion with like-minded people who believe in strengthening community through programs that support mind, body and soul. 

A strong desire was put on her heart by God to incorporate her Christian faith in her yoga practice which led to yoga teacher training in the US in 2012 with Yahweh Yoga, the first Christian yoga teacher training academy in the world credentialed by Yoga Alliance. Please visit Yahweh Yoga’s website at  and Yoga Alliance’s website at

In June of 2012 Sandy founded Open To Grace Christian Yoga. Over the past 7 years, students of all levels have experienced this newer style of yoga offered in Orillia that emphasizes wellness of the body, mind and spirit through yoga exercise, breath work, scriptural meditation, prayer and Christian music. 

On a more personal note Sandy and her husband have lived in Orillia for over 25 years and have raised two sons here. Her husband Scott is her strongest ally, working behind the scenes to support the ministry of Open To Grace Christian Yoga. They love to spend time with family and friends and enjoy being out in nature and the many recreational activities that Orillia offers. 

 Christian style yoga is yoga taught from a Christian perspective. It emphasizes wellness of the body and soul through yoga exercise, purposeful breathing, and the practice of mindfulness. The teacher incorporates inspirational music, prayer, and scriptural meditation into each class. Students have the opportunity to experience the physical benefits of yoga exercise, while growing spiritually in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Classes offered include Gentle Journey Yoga level 1 and 2, Chair Yoga and Faithful Flow Yoga, something for everyone and for all levels.